Win a £500 Amazon gift card in time for Christmas!

As summer has come to a close, it’s time to get in the Christmas spirit! The top refferer between October 7th to 15th December will win an Amazon gift card on us.

What we do

Support, every step of the way

Generous commission

Not only will you be in for a chance of winning the gift card, but you will also receive 50% commission and 25% for every referral after that.

Help your clients save big

Developers that use Brickflow lower their deposits on average by £509K, whilst also saving 20 hours of time – imagine how impressed your clients will be with this!

Round the clock support

Our dedicated team are here to support you and your clients throughout every step in the process.


Developers love Brickflow

“Effortless. My loan was credit approved within 4.5 hours of my application being published on the platform”

Areeb Azam

CEO/Concept One Homes

I’d recommend Brickflow — working with them meant less money in and a cheaper rate, so winning all round!”

Will Burton

CEO/ Bontay Homes

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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

Who can I introduce to Brickflow?

You can introduce anyone to Brickflow, but you must seek their permission first. If you don’t, we may have to cancel the introduction.

What counts as a referral?

A refferal will be counted when your client completes a deal with Brickflow.

Each lender has its own set of rules, so your results will show different loan amounts.

The main criteria are:

  • Loan to Gross Development Value (LTGDV)
  • Loan to Cost (LTC)
  • Minimum client equity contribution
  • Day one land constraint

The lender caps the loan as a percentage of the above factors and delivers a final combined amount.

What happens if multiple people introduce the same developer to Brickflow?

If you introduce a borrower to Brickflow, you will receive 50% of the commission on their first transaction, and 25% on all future transactions.

If the same borrower is introduced by the estate agent selling them the property then the commission will be split, with both of you receiving 25% each.

How much could I earn?

Not only will you be in for a chance of winning the gift card, you will also earn a share of the commission each time someone that you have introduced completes a loan on Brickflow. The amount will vary based on the loan amount, but here are some representative examples:

Loan Amount Avg. Commission Your Share
£1,500,000 £15,000 (1%) £7,500
£5,000,000 £37,500 (0.75%) £18,750
£12,000,000 £60,000 (0.50%) £30,000

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