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We digitally connect borrowers and lenders in seconds.
We work with Mainstream & Challenger Banks, plus Specialist Development Lenders.

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£ 150k to £ 100m

New Build, Conversions,  Permitted Development


Brickflow is revolutionising the development lending market by bringing it online.

Digital Marketplace

Most developers have limited access to lenders because the market is fragmented and offline. 

We bring the market to you — providing 18 of the best UK development finance lenders in one online platform so you can search and apply in minutes. 

Onboard Once 

It’s hard to switch lenders when each one has their own lengthy onboarding process.

Build your own developer profile on Brickflow, showcasing your experience and projects. Lenders can log in and see all they need in one place.     

Better Technology

Lenders tell us that on average only 1 development finance enquiry out of every 25 completes as a loan.i Through Brickflow those odds are currently less than 1 in 2.ii How?

Our software removes any lenders that don’t match your requirements. The system then guides you through a step-by-step process to create the perfect project appraisal.


What our Lenders think

“Like many development lenders, we receive a considerable number of loan enquiries that don’t meet our criteria. The technology that Brickflow has developed means that more of the loan enquiries I see from them are projects we can consider funding. This enables me to spend more time supporting my existing customers and progressing applications with a greater chance of success.”

Steven Brigly , Director
Property Development, United Trust Bank

“The presentation of information is key when assessing any new scheme for funding. The team at Brickflow really understand this and always deliver outstanding project appraisals, which gives their clients the very best chance of securing the right funding for their projects.”

Terry Woodley, Managing Director
Development Finance, Shawbrook Bank

“Technology employed by Brickflow aims to partner the right borrower with the right lender by improving on the understanding of lender criteria and borrower needs. This has the potential to lead to huge time-saving benefits for both lenders and borrowers, which can only be a good thing for the UK housing sector.”

Callum Ferguson, Lending Director
Alpha Property Lending

Brickflow Thinks

What our Developers think

Working with Brickflow has been very good for us. It’s helped us see all the options in one place on a digital platform, which is really important for comparability purposes. My experience with Brickflow has surpassed my expectations

Shawn Rea
Sitio Homes

“For developers, securing the right funding is a constant frustration. The guys at Brickflow have created an amazing platform that’s a ‘one-stop finance shop’, which we believe will revolutionise the lending market.

Tanbir Rahman
CEO, Halls Victoria Limited, London

“Using Brickflow now forms part of the Due Diligence on each development appraisal and subsequent acquisition.

We can significantly speed up the review process due to the certainty Brickflow provides to the fundraising process.”

Simon Wedgewood [MRICS]
EDM Investment & Asset Management

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1. How many lenders do you search?

As of today, we have 18 lenders on Brickflow, with ambitious plans to grow this number. We handpicked the initial lenders to represent the entire market, covering a range of pricing and leverage, as well as all jurisdictions and loan sizes.

2. How does Brickflow calculate development finance?

We use unique algorithms, bespoke to each lender. This means we provide the exact same results as the lender would offer you directly.

Each lender has its own set of rules, so your results will show different loan amounts.

The main criteria are:

  • Loan to Gross Development Value (LTGDV)
  • Loan to Cost (LTC)
  • Minimum client equity contribution
  • Day one land constraint

The lender caps the loan as a percentage of the above factors and delivers a final combined amount.

3. How do you rank the loans?

Loans are ranked in order, from largest to smallest. When the loan amounts are the same, the system ranks them in price order, with the cheapest loan first.

4. How long does it take to get a loan?

Once you’ve selected a loan to apply for, we will make a pre-application for finance approval (pre-app). To do this we will need more information, namely; your development experience, development appraisal and a property schedule.

From selecting a lender to getting ‘pre-app’ approval, takes as little as a 2-3 days, providing you give us the information quickly. Once you have pre-app approval, there is a fee of £ 995 payable to complete the full application.

From paying the application fee to full credit approval, normally takes 2-3 days. We have managed to do it in 24 hours.

From credit approval to loan completion is mainly dependent on your professional team. If your QS and lawyer work quickly and collaboratively with the lenders professional team, you can complete 3-4 weeks after.

The industry standard to complete a development loan is close to 6 months. With good borrower co-operation Brickflow can do it in 5 weeks from start to finish.

5. How does the Brickflow loan application process work?

Once you have sourced a loan and want to make an application you will be asked to complete further details on the project; your development experience, a development appraisal and property schedule. This will be sent to the chosen lender for a pre-application finance approval (pre-app).

The lender will conduct a preliminary underwrite to give everyone confidence that the loan should be approved. Once we have pre-app approval then we submit a full application.

There is a fee of £ 995 payable to complete the full application.

For full details please look at our ‘How it works’ page.

i Estimate based on Brickflow’s market research and ongoing feedback from lenders.

ii Based on Brickflow’s internal data.