The Broker Incentive Programme

We love to celebrate all of the successes we know that you'll see when using Brickflow. So, we've designed a Broker Incentive Programme to do just that! 
How does it work? 🤔
At the end of each quarter the individual broker who has run the most Searches, submitted the most cases to Decision In Principle and proceeded with the most Terms through the Brickflow system will receive a prize:
  • Most Searches: Champagne!
  • Most Submitted to DIP: Champagne hamper!
  • Most Proceeded with Terms (through the Brickflow platform): £250 Virgin Experiences Voucher! 

 But there’s more… Everyone's a winner! When you report a completion to your Customer Success Manager (Anna or Tessa), we will send you a celebratory bottle of Champagne, AND, we’ll send a bottle to your developer, addressed from you! 👊

*non-alcoholic prizes available.
**As mentioned above, we are running this incentive programme on an individual basis, and as such, everyone should have their own Brickflow licence. If you think this isn’t the case and you want all of your hard work to count, drop us an email! **