How it works

We combine our extensive market knowledge, the best digital technology and the efficiency of a price comparison site, to provide a revolutionary new way to secure development finance.

Here’s a bit more about the Brickflow process and how it works.

How we do it

The better way to find finance

1. step one


Click the search button below & enter the land costs, build costs, build term and GDV for the project (Remember to save your results for quick acesss).

 2. step two

Compare & select five lenders 

Choose up to 5x lenders and invite them to join the bidding process. By asking up to five lenders to bid, it creates a competitive tender process, giving you the best offer first time round.

 3. step three

Deal forum

Complete your appraisal, property schedule, experience & upload your supporting documents. The 5x lenders review your appraisal and then submit their best loan terms for your project.

 4. step four

Review & apply

Go through the terms with the Brickflow team and apply for your preferred option. With our online process, our borrowers save weeks and months over the traditional process.

Brickflow charges a service fee of £995 when a full lender application is made. This fee is fully refundable in the event the loan is not approved.