How it works

We combine our extensive market knowledge, the best digital technology and the efficiency of a price comparison site, to provide a revolutionary new way to secure development finance.

Here’s a bit more about the Brickflow process and how it works.

Step 1 :

Source & Select

Have all the details ready and it will only take two minutes to get your results.

Invite up to 5x lenders to provide a best & final bid on your project.


Step 2:

Project Appraisal

Complete your Project Appraisal online, and this information is sent directly & securely to your lenders. If they like what they see, they provide us with a final loan bid.

Once all the bids come back (24 – 48 hours), you select which one you’d like to be credit-approved.

To get the credit approval, Brickflow charges a commitment fee of £995, but this is refunded in the unlikely event that the loan isn’t approved.


Step 3:

Loan Offer & Completion

The lender confirms credit approval and issues an offer, along with requests for any further documents.

The lender’s quantity surveyor, valuer and lawyers will be instructed, and we move to completion as quickly as possible.


Ian Humphreys, Co-Founder & Head of Lending

My team and I are just a phone call away. We are here to answer any questions, explain the development loan process, and offer you plenty of useful tips & guidance along the way.

Call us now on 0203 488 1674 or email