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    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (December 2023)

    After housing was notably absent from October’s Tory party conference, the Autumn Statement featured funding and reforms to boost development. But is it enough to reverse the impact of multiple failed policies, chronic austerity-driven underfunding of planning departments, NIMBY backbench-pressure, see-sawing housing targets and a merry-go-round of housing ministers?

    Borrower Tips

    Should I apply for a bridging loan? Risks and opportunities.

    Whatever your property development plans, bridging finance is a fast, flexible way to fund your project. But alongside the opportunities comes risks, so we’re looking at both sides of bridging finance, as well as how to get the best deal. 

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (September 2023)

    A halt to interest rate rises, a decrease in inflation and a resilience amongst mortgaged homeowners to stave off the bank’s bailiffs. Are things looking up? Read this month’s Industry Insights to find out why we believe now is the time for the savviest investors to grab opportunities.

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (August 2023)

    Embracing an inner chameleon helps developers to continually adapt to market conditions, but in today’s climate should property investors and developers change how they measure a successful project? This month’s Industry Insights looks at why some property businesses are now focusing on Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) rather than profitability.

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (July 2023)

    Planning permission: the dreaded process that's deterring more and more property developers. With recent reports showing drastic drops in applications in England, this month’s Industry Insights looks at the stats and the consequent effect on the future housing market.

    Three approaches to Revolving Credit Facilities

    Revolving Credit Facilities are a continual line of credit arranged between borrower and lender, where the borrower can access funds as and when needed, rather than drawing down on the entire loan from day one. Here, we look at the three approaches to arranging a Revolving Credit Facility (RCF).

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (April 2023)

    On April 19th the ONS published its most recent report on property market activity. Despite four consecutive months of house price falls, the data reveals a stoic resilience within the UK property market.

    Borrower Tips

    How to finance your property development?

    Have you spotted the perfect site for a project, or come across a quirky old warehouse that’s ripe for conversion? Then you’re probably wondering how to finance your property development? There’s plenty of options out there, and our simple guides are a great place to start gathering information.

    Borrower Tips

    Are bridging loans a good idea?

    We’ve been discussing bridging loans a lot recently at Brickflow, from why and how people use bridging finance, to the benefits and how to apply.  Here, we are drilling a bit deeper and asking are bridging loans a good idea?


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