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    Developer Tips

    What is the difference between bridging and development finance?

    Knowing the differences between the types of finance available for property development is key when it comes to choosing the right funding for your project.  Here we are looking at the differences between development and bridging finance and how they are both used.

    Developer Tips

    What is an open-ended bridging loan?

    Bridging finance can be used for a whole range of property investments so it’s helpful to know the types of bridging loans available.  In this article, we’re looking at open-ended bridging loans.

    Developer Tips

    Who can get a bridging loan?

    Property developers are increasingly realising the benefits of financing certain projects with bridging loans. So we’re looking at what are bridging loans being used for, any qualifying criteria and who can get a bridging loan.

    Developer Tips

    How much money do you need for property development?

    Property development often seems like a business venture for people with wads of disposable cash. But realistically, how much money do you need? We’re discussing deposit requirements and if getting into property development is worthwhile.

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (February 2023)

    Welcome to February’s Industry Insights, the inside track on property development. Read our views on the current economic climate, house price correction, adapting to the new market and why 2023 will hold plenty of opportunities.

    Developer Tips

    Who is eligible for development finance?

    Property development finance: who is eligible, what is the qualifying criteria and what costs are involved? How Brickflow can help you apply and secure the best development finance loan for your project. 

    Developer Tips

    Brickflow Guide to Design and Access Statements

    A Design and Access Statement (DAS) is an integral part of a planning application and required by planning rules.  Every property developer or architect working on anything other than a very small project must submit one. 

    Developer Tips

    What are the pros and cons of property development?

    We’ve all been captivated by the transformation journey of property, whether on the countless TV programmes or the extensive renovations of a neighbour’s home.  So what are the pros and cons of property development?

    Developer Tips

    How does property development finance work?

    Whether it’s a low-key investment or large-scale site, property development projects wouldn’t get off the ground without funding. We’re looking at the key features and main uses of property funding, beginning with how does property development finance work?

    Developer Tips

    Reasons why you should use a bridging loan

    After 2022’s soaring housing market, things are cooling throughout 2023, meaning less competition and good opportunities for savvy investors. There are various funding options for property purchases, so we’re discussing the reasons why you should use a bridging loan.

    Industry Insights

    Industry Insights (January 2023)

    Welcome to January’s Industry Insights, the inside track on property development. Read our views on the back drop to the economic downturn, why interest rates are rising, why we’re facing a liquidity crunch and the outlook for 2023.


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