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The quickest & easiest way to search for development finance, bridging loans & commercial mortgages

Compare loans from 100+ commercial property finance lenders

See how much you could borrow against a specific project & at what rate

Check detailed eligibility criteria to avoid wasting time & money

Ensure your deal stacks & make smarter investment decisions

Developer story

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Mandeep Poonian, Property Developer

“At any one time I might have 10 sites on my desk. I run all the ones I like through Brickflow, and I’ve found I can cut 10 sites down to one or two as most don’t work for me financially. I then only run further due diligence on those two sites.
Prior to using Brickflow, I’d often spend days and weeks getting excited about a site only to realise at the end I couldn’t make it work.
By running each project through Brickflow first, I save myself and my team between 30-40 hours per month, from researching sites that don’t work.”

Developer Case Study

Ready to run your numbers through Brickflow?

Why model your deals on Brickflow?

Save time, money & scale your business sooner

Why model your deals on Brickflow?

Save time

Search 100+ lenders in minutes, saving you weeks of wasted phone calls and unanswered emails. 

If you’ve found a potential site, run the numbers through Brickflow to check if the project is financially viable.

Discard schemes that aren’t before you waste time and money and focus your resources on deals that stack.

Developer Benefits - Save time
Developer Benefits - Save money
Why model your deals on Brickflow?

Save money

The difference between finding funding and finding the right funding is normally tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Brickflow searches the breadth of the market so you don’t have to, ensuring you find the right lender and the best value loan based on your specific project.

Increase profit on every deal by finding the cheapest loan options and decreasing your borrowing costs, whilst reducing your deposits and maximising your return on equity.

Why model your deals on Brickflow?

Scale sooner

Deposits vary from 10% to 35% of total costs, so the difference in equity required between lenders could be a potentially deal-breaking variance. Brickflow searches the whole market to ensure you’re making your equity stretch as far as possible.  This frees you up to invest in new or additional schemes, scaling your business far quicker than competitors who tie up too much equity in each project.

Developer Benefits - Scale sooner

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Tell your broker about Brickflow or contact us on 0204 525 6764 / to be connected to a loan manager.

How to apply for a loan

Accessible specialist property finance for everyone

We’re on a mission to democratise the commercial property finance market, making it more accessible for brokers, borrowers, lenders and everyone in between.  

Currently, our application tool is only available to brokers to ensure they’re able to secure the best value development finance for their clients.  If you’re a borrower looking to apply for a property loan, there are currently two ways you can apply.

Tell your broker about Brickflow

For just £32 per month, brokers can search & apply for development finance on the Brickflow platform & retain 100% of the commission on every deal.



Book a call with Brickflow

If you’d like to proceed with a loan that appears in your search results, book a call with a member of the Brickflow team or email and we'll connect you with a loan manager.



Coming Soon:  Brickflow Connect

We’re constantly looking to evolve the technology behind Brickflow, and we’re excited to launch Brickflow Connect very soon, enabling developers to connect directly with brokers via the platform.  

Borrower Testimonials

Hear what borrowers have to say about Brickflow

Developer Testimonial - Kirsty Sayers

Personal service behind the automation. Brilliant!

The service I received was a great surprise- a person behind the automation! With knowledge and skill to feedback valuable insight on the deal presented!

Will definitely use this service again!

Developer Testimonials - Mr McNamara

Brickflow have exceptional customer care

Brickflow have exceptional customer care as well as brilliant knowledge. We will be using their services for the foreseeable future.


Developer Testimonials - Will Burton

Brickflow have been absolutely brilliant

Brickflow have been an absolutely brilliant company to deal with. They have been very helpful and always quick to get back to me. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for development finance.


Understanding property development finance

How does property development finance work?

Property development finance is a short-term loan used to finance the construction, conversion or refurbishment of buildings. Once the project is complete, you repay the loan through the sale of the property or via refinance.


Residential development finance


Commercial development finance

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The development finance process                                  


Your Questions Answered

How does Brickflow work?

Brickflow is a digital marketplace for specialist finance, connecting brokers and borrowers with lenders online. Our algorithm compares your project requirements against more than 100 lenders. It is a high-level search against real criteria provided by some of the UK's most reputable lenders. 

How does Brickflow calculate finance?

We use the same loan modelling process across all lenders, to allow easy comparison between lenders. Each lender will have their own model, which will constantly be tweaked, so the loan figures provided on the Brickflow results screen may differ to the final quotes provided by the lenders. However, we constantly monitor our estimates against the actual quotes received to ensure any differences are minimal.




How many lenders do you search?

As of today, we have 100+ lending options on Brickflow offering development finance, bridging loans and commercial mortgages with ambitious plans to grow these numbers. We handpick our lenders to represent the entire market, covering a full range of pricing and leverage, as well as all UK geography and loan sizes.



Which lenders are on the platform?

We work with mainstream banks, challenger banks and specialist development lenders.



How do I apply for a loan via Brickflow?

There are currently two ways a developer can apply on the Brickflow platform.

1. Refer your broker to Brickflow

2. Contact Team Brickflow on 020 4525 6764 to be connected to a loan manager who can make the application with you.

Brokers or our loan manager can apply on the platform on your behalf using our Smart Appraisal™ tool, and can invite you to collaborate on your development appraisal.

Brickflow connects directly with over 100 lenders, so there’s zero paperwork and zero delay.  Lenders will respond with a Decision in Principle in hours (rather than weeks), and your broker or loan manager can then apply for your preferred loan on your behalf.



What size loan can you source via Brickflow?

Loans start from as little as £150k and go up to £150m. Some lenders have a published maximum loan of £40m or £50m but will work on bigger loans as part of a syndicate. If you are looking to source a loan above £40m and find your options are limited, contact us and we can arrange a syndication deal for you .If you are ready to secure a loan, please call us on 020 4525 6764 or email us at 



How do you rank the loans?

Loans are ranked in order, from largest to smallest. When the loan amounts are the same, the Brickflow software ranks them in price order, with the cheapest loan first.



How much does it cost to compare loans?

It is free for developers to compare loans, and receive search results from over 100 lenders.  In order to see the lender names and apply for a loan, you can request that your broker registers to use Brickflow, which costs just £32 per month.  




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