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    Brickflow Academy

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    Short, sharp masterclasses from Brickflow CEO & Founder, Ian Humphreys to help you expand your knowledge of the commercial property finance industry, from development finance to bridging loans.

    Whether you’re a seasoned broker, developer or lender, or new to the specialist property finance sector, we share the essential info you need to know about property development funding in a series of succinct videos that take less than 12 minutes to watch

    How does property development finance work?

    It may sound like a simple question, but a more in-depth understanding of how property development finance works could mean saving hundreds of thousands of pounds on a deal. In this masterclass, we share:

    1. How development finance is calculated
    2. What is sweat equity
    3. What is the capital stack
    4. How interest rates work
    5. The concept of True Monthly Cost
    6. The importance of personal guarantees

    How does bridging finance work?

    Bridging loans are no longer a last-resort funding option for property developers and in fact, they’re a powerful tool to facilitate both simple and complex transactions, quickly. In this video, we cover:

    1. The key features of bridging finance
    2. When to use a bridging loan
    3. Using assets to secure a loan
    4. The differences between regulated & unregulated
    5. The differences between open & closed loans
    6. The downsides to bridging finance
    7. Who can secure bridging loans for property development
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    The issues that matter to you 

    We’ve got plenty more videos coming soon, from ‘Why the most successful property developers use a broker’, to ‘The cost of getting your development finance wrong’. 

    If you’ve got other ideas on topic areas for a commercial property finance masterclass, we’d love to hear them and we’ll do our best to get them made.  
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