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Solving The UK’s Housing Shortage

The UK is facing a catastrophic housing shortage of 4.75 million homes, simply because we’re not building enough houses.  A new Brickflow white paper, compiled with input from 12 leaders from across the private sector, including Knight Frank & PwC, examines the key barriers to housebuilding & provides politicians with a robust 10-step framework for moving forward.

Brickflow Whitepaper
despite its size

Report highlights

  • A deep-dive into the key barriers to housebuilding, including planning, land supply, funding, development incentives, supply chain, environmental requirements and affordability; compiled together for the first time
  • Recommendations from 12 influential leaders from across the private sector, including Knight Frank and PwC
  • Scrutinises hundreds of pages of government policy related to housebuilding
  • Reviews progress with Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and technology
  • Provides an actionable 10-step framework for removing the barriers to housebuilding and enabling developers to build more houses

Thank you to our contributors

12 influential leaders from the private sector contributed to the report, providing insights and perspectives from across the industry.

4.75 Million Homes

Why our white paper is essential reading

  • The UK has a shortfall of 4.75 million houses
  • Radical reforms are needed to kickstart housebuilding
  • All political parties are promising reform but no comprehensive plan exists
  • Key barriers to housebuilding are complex and interwoven
  • Our industry faces continued political uncertainty - 15 housing ministers in 13 years
  • We need action now before the shortage becomes irreversible

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Watch the latest episode

Brick by Brick

A new panel of industry leaders join us to discuss the key issues raised in our white paper, including the barriers to housebuilding and how the government and private sector can work together to solve them.  Zoning to help fix the planning system, improving land data, creating a ‘grey belt’ and the need for developers to secure smarter finance were top of the agenda, alongside innovation around net zero and where the government should be investing in technology.

  1. Anna Ward, Associate, Knight Frank
  2. Paul Davis, Co-Founder, Nimbus
  3. Steve Smith, Head of Sales, Mint Property Finance

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