We ditch the industry-speak to unravel the peskier parts of the borrowing process, along with some of the trickier specialist property finance terms, in our series of easy-to-read guides.

How Much Does A Bridging Loan Cost?

Thinking about a bridging loan for your next project? Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or just dipping your toes in the market, understanding the cost is key.

The Easy Guide to Development Finance

Insights into development finance, the landscape/challenges, essential info, stretching equity, the application process, pitfalls and how Brickflow can help.

Building the Perfect Project Presentation

In this guide, we explain the main points brokers and property developers need to cover to help ensure that when a lender has 25 new enquiries in their inbox, yours is the first they go to.

Build to rent - a simple guide

Build to rent or B2R is now a decade old and continues growing in popularity with investors, property developers and tenants. It delivers regular cash-flow from long-term lets, and tenants welcome the rent stability, central locations and services these developments offer.

Brickflow guide to choosing a property development team

What makes a good property developer? The key to success in property development is having the right team around you and it is here the saying ‘you’re only as strong as your weakest link’ rings true.

What is a Peak Debt Facility?

Jargon-free advice on peak debt facility, also known as a revolving loan. Find out what it is, how it works, how it differs from a development loan and more.

The Benefits of Phasing

Here we explain the benefits of a phased scheme on a developers pocket, but also how it can allow developers that are short on development experience to scale up much quicker.

Brickflow Guide to Air Rights

Air rights unlock valuable development space. We explain what they are and their restrictions, plus share lender feedback and answer FAQs.

The Smart Guide to Bridging Loans

We explain how bridging loans work, when to use them and how to apply. Read our market insights, need-to-know tips and pros & cons of different lenders.