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17th April 2024

How to Get Deals Done - The Lender's View

  • Glenn Franklin-Jones - Head of Lender Relationships at Brickflow 
  • Michael Allison - Commercial Director at Roma Finance
  • Terry Woodley - Managing Director, Development Finance at Shawbrook
7th March 2024

The Sales & Marketing Playbook for Specialist Finance Brokers

Presented by Frazer Campbell, Chief Revenue Officer, and John Leaver, Marketing Manager at Brickflow

25th January 2024

How to deliver commercial finance for your clients in 2024

Presented by Ian Humphreys, CEO and Founder, and Ina Bakalova, Product Manager at Brickflow

16th November 2023

New Releases: Purchase, Refinance and Development Exit Finance

Presented by Ian Humphreys, CEO and Founder, and Frazer Campbell, Head of Partnerships at Brickflow

13th November 2023

The 5-Step Marketing Framework for Property Finance Brokers

Presented by Ian Humphreys, CEO and Founder, and Ed Davidson, Marketing Expert

23rd June 2023

Strategies for scaling your specialist property finance business

Presented by Ian Humphreys, CEO and Founder, and Frazer Campbell, Head of Partnerships at Brickflow

17th November 2022

In conversation with a Development Finance Broker

Ian Humphreys is joined by Chris Treadwell.

18th May 2022

The 5 crucial mistakes property developers make & how to avoid them

Ian Humphreys is joined by John Wallace, founder of specialist construction law firm Ridgemont, explains how you can stop things going wrong, reduce risk and create more control of your projects.

27th April 2022

How SME property developers can reduce construction costs

Ian Humphreys, co-founder of Brickflow and Paul Heming, founder of C-Link discuss how small and medium sized property developers can reduce their build costs to counter inflationary pressures.

13th April 2022

How to turn a £175k investment into £1m profit in 12 months

Ian Humphreys, co-founder and CEO of Brickflow, is joined by first time property developer Ian Goodchild, who has had funding approved on a 9 unit, new-build, commercial scheme in Aylesbury.

23rd March 2022

How to build a development finance presentation lenders will love

1st March 2022

How to fund permitted development projects

With all the changes in legislation, Permitted Development Rights can be hard to navigate. Brickflow’s property finance experts Ian Humphreys and Tim Noble guide you through.

25th February 2022

Top 3 Creative Ways to Buy & Fund Sites

We join leading proptech business Nimbus Maps to discuss the common strategies employed by the most successful property developers.

11th November 2021

7 ways successful developers maximise their equity


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