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Why choose Brickflow?

The quickest way to find the best value funding for your clients

We understand speed and reliable funding are key to retaining your clients. Brickflow gives you both, along with many other brilliant benefits.

Gain instant access to the specialist property finance market

Spend less time on admin & more time on prospecting

Keep 100% of the commission on every deal & earn rewards for you & your clients

Self-brand the platform using our innovative white label solution

Create a compliance trail with downloadable market research for your files

The fastest way to a Decision in Principle

Secure a DIP today

It typically takes 2-3 weeks to receive a Decision in Principle (DIP) for commercial property finance if you apply the traditional way. 

Applying the Brickflow way, means you’ll have a DIP in your inbox in a matter of minutes in most cases. In fact, our record is just 8 minutes.

Our Smart Appraisal™ tool connects directly with over 100 lenders.  You complete one online application form that goes to any lender, so there’s zero paperwork & zero delay.

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Help your clients secure the best commercial property finance faster & earn on every deal

Types of specialist property finance

Instant access to the breadth of the lending market

Bridging loans

  • Bridging finance from £26k-£50m
  • Auction | purchase | refinance | development exit | pre-planning

Commercial mortgages

  • Commercial mortgages from £50k-£50m
  • All commercial property types | hotel | office | light industrial | care homes | HMO | MUFB

Development finance

  • Property development funding from £150k-£300m
  • New builds | conversions | permitted development

Hear what Brokers have to say about Brickflow


Antonio Michael

The software gives us instant access to the market and extensive lender criteria, so we can find the best solutions for our clients and all in record time.


Julian Ingall

Twelve months ago, we knew what lenders' pricing and appetite was - but today, in an ever changing market place, it's incredibly difficult to keep up.


Luke Curtis

With Brickflow I can spend less time on admin and more time with existing clients and finding new clients.

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Brickflow Enterprise

The Embedded Finance Solution

Turn web traffic into revenue & scale your business sooner

Add the Brickflow platform to your website, your partners' sites or your marketing materials & provide your clients with the quickest, easiest way to search & apply for development finance and bridging loans.

Capture borrower contact details every time they complete a search, converting online visitors into meaningful leads, expand your reach and turbocharge your business.

Coming Soon

Brickflow Connect 

We’re working hard to enable developers and brokers to connect via Brickflow.

The first stage of this is the Brickflow Broker Directory.

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Your questions answered

Who can use Brickflow?

Brickflow is a Broker product. Borrowers have access to a free version that allows them to model their projects and understand what finance could be available. But they cannot see lender names and they cannot apply for finance without a Broker.

Can Brickflow provide leads?

If brokers sign up for Brickflow Enterprise, our embedded finance solution, they receive borrower contact details with every search.  Brickflow Enterprise is the most efficient way to generate qualified leads.

Can Brickflow access my client data?

Brickflow will not sell your clients data to third parties. It is a platform designed to help Brokers source & apply for loans, as well as manage their client's cases.

If you have a technical problem with the system and you need us to investigate, our tech team will need your permission to access the case. This is the only time in which anyone from Brickflow will access your cases.

In terms of security, Brickfow is hosted by Amazon Web Services. According to AWS is the biggest cloud infrastructure provider globally. Their clients include Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC and The CIA.

How does the white-label service work?

When a Broker company becomes a Brickflow member they will be asked to add their company logo. The logo will then be displayed every time you or one of your clients login to Brickflow.

How can I promote the fact I use Brickflow to my clients?

Brickflow can provide you with a range of marketing materials to help you promote the fact that you are using platform to clients.   Please contact or

Do I register as a company or an individual?

We don’t mind. We’re happy to pay either. Just choose which when you register.

Can I still deal with my current Business Development Manager?

Yes, we encourage you to continue this relationship and we know how important it is for your business.

When you submit a case via the platform, you are able to choose which BDM receives the case.

Do we need to be FCA regulated?

Some lenders will prefer you to be FCA regulated or part of a regulated network. If you aren’t, we can help you package the case.

Do we need to be members of FIBA or NACFB to use the platform?

No. We welcome all brokers to register as a Brickflow partner.


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