Brickflow API

Integrate the latest property finance data into your platform with the Brickflow API


Access 120 data points from 100+ commercial property finance lenders

Includes project requirements, borrower criteria & detailed loan information from 50+ development finance, 50+ bridging loan & 15+ commercial mortgage lenders.

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Your Questions Answered

Who can use it?

Lenders, brokers, and agents - or anyone who wants to seamlessly access loan data from 100+ property finance lenders. 

How accurate is the data?

Updated daily, Brickflow ensures that you always have access to the most current information available.

We have a dedicated team who oversees the data collection and validation processes.

This commitment to accuracy means you can make informed decisions with confidence, backed by the latest market insights.

How can I implement the API?

To integrate the Brickflow API into your platform, here's a simplified guide:

  1. Sign Up: Get started by registering for the Brickflow API to receive your unique access key.
  2. Review the API Documentation: Look over the Brickflow API Documentation to understand how it works.
  3. Connect the API: Use your programming tools to connect the API with your platform, following the instructions in the documentation.
  4. Test It Out: Make sure everything works smoothly by testing the connection.
  5. Launch: Once you're happy with how it works, go live!

For specific technical details and support, you should refer to the official Brickflow API documentation and work with your technical support team.

How much does it cost?

We price the API based on your requirements.

Book a call here to find out more.