Brick by Brick

Plug in and listen up to our new podcast for the property development industry. In each episode we speak to experts and stakeholders from across the sector, sharing ideas and advice on how to get ahead of the game as a property developer, along with news and insights from across the industry.

Episode 1: Brick by Brick meets Brickflow

Ian Humphreys and Robert Lange introduce the search engine that’s revolutionising the development finance market. The two founders discuss the need to bring the industry online to help solve the UK’s housing shortage, and why ultimately it will make property developers more successful. 

Episode 2: Through the lens of a development lender

Ever wondered what it’s like to be on the other side of the development finance fence? We speak to non-bank lender Alpha Property Lending to find out what they really look for in a funding application, and the all-important qualities required to be the ‘ideal’ borrower.

Episode 3: Can technology revolutionise development finance?

If you want to get ahead as a developer, you can’t afford to ignore the evolving market that new technology is opening up.  We talk to the founders of Nimbus Maps to explain how leveraging data can help SMEs be more successful, and explore the defining role data will play in the future of the property industry.

Episode 4: Why you need a construction lawyer on speed dial

When the stakes are high and multiple macro factors are out of your control (think global pandemics), reducing risk should be high on every property developer’s agenda. John Wallace, founder of specialist construction law firm Ridgemont, talks us through what can happen when things do go wrong, and explains the legal aspects of property development you definitely can control.

Episode 5: Peer to peer: the new breed of lender transforming development finance 

Non-bank lenders are increasingly filling the space left behind by the traditional lenders, and thanks to smart streamlining and cost efficiencies, peer to peer is taking a large piece of the pie. We talk to Mike Bristow, CEO & Co-Founder for peer to peer lender CrowdProperty, who explains why development finance can be run on much smaller margins, meaning better returns for SME housebuilders, and ultimately more successful developers.

Episode 6: How to start out and succeed in property development  

Looking to have a crack at the property development game, but don’t know where to start? Lloyd Girardi & Andi Cooke from leading property development educator, White Box Property Solutions, share their advice on the skills and experience you need, the secrets to their own successful business model, and why you shouldn’t let fear hold you back from starting a lucrative new career..