Our Story

We are revolutionising the development lending market.  We want to be the online platform all experienced developers use to borrow finance.  And we want to give you the power to control your borrowing.


Here’s why:

We hear your frustrations (in HD)

It’s a familiar story. You’re an ambitious developer.  You have multiple sites on your radar.  You know two lenders, who eventually deliver the funds, but it’s a laboured journey and they share neither your ambition nor your vision.

We know the market (and its faults)

We understand the challenges.  We recognise the market is old-school and slow.  We acknowledge the lenders hold the power.  We know the application process is slow and archaic, but we believe it can all be easier, quicker and better.


We created Brickflow®, the UK’s first comparison site for development finance loans, to help resolve your frustrations and combat the challenges.  Brickflow® empowers you to borrow smarter, mobilise quicker, and ultimately get ahead of the game.


Here’s how:

We bring the market to you (and broaden it)

You may know a handful of lenders, but Brickflow® provides market visibility, with instant access to over 30 lenders (and counting), along with results in seconds rather than months.  Speaking to more of the market provides increased loan opportunities and makes sites you thought were out of reach, a possibility.  You can even check the viability of sites online, before ever seeing them, because Brickflow® does the due diligence for you.

We make it infinitely easier (and better)

All applications are made online and in real-time.  There’s no paperwork and you upload all documents on Brickflow®.  We have one digital form that all lenders accept, so if one declines a loan, we approach the next with the same form.  And you only complete it once.  A big barrier to shopping the market is the pain of providing your information multiple times.  We store it securely, so you can use it multiple times and easily switch lenders if you need to.


Applying the traditional way normally means a six-month completion time. You can complete within six weeks using Brickflow®.  And if your numbers change (site price, build costs etc.), which they inevitably will, you can instantly see the effect on your loan.  You can also easily track the progress of your application online, at any time, meaning total transparency and fewer delays.


We’re only just getting started, but we’d love you to come along for the ride.


Join the Brickflow revolution