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    Brickflow for Brokers

    Search & apply for development finance & earn 100% of the commission on every deal

    Brickflow for Brokers is a loan sourcing platform for brokers. Compare funding from 40 lenders & secure the best value development loans for your clients

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    Initially, we're opening up Brickflow for Brokers to just 150 brokers, to ensure we provide the best experience possible. Sign up to be part of the journey from the beginning and secure the best value development loans for your clients before anyone else.

    Pay just £35 per month*

    Search & apply for development finance online

    Keep 100% of the commission on every deal

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    Benefits for Brokers

    We understand speed and reliable funding are key to retaining your clients. Brickflow for Brokers gives you both, along with many other brilliant benefits.

    Gain instant access to the development finance market

    Spend less time on admin & more time on prospecting

    Keep 100% of the commission on every deal

    Receive direct leads* for developers seeking a broker

    Self-brand the platform using our innovative white label solution

    *Once you’ve completed your first transaction through the platform, you will be eligible to receive leads. Brickflow reserves the right to charge a fee for the leads it provides.

    Expert support

    We’ll help as much (or as little) as you need

    Market knowledge

    If you’re new to development finance, we’ll help you navigate the process.

    Marketing support

    Downloadable guides, own-branded email templates & live events.

    Online community

    Access to a community of Brickflow brokers via online demos & webinars.

    Technical guidance

    A personal demo of the platform with the Brickflow team (if you need it).

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    Building a community

    Help us spread the word

    We need the broker community to use Brickflow as much as possible, so we can sustain our unique zero commission sacrifice.

    When you register, we ask you to share the email addresses of two other brokers who might be interested in Brickflow. That’s it.

    Thank you for helping to build our community. It means together, we can make securing development finance better for everyone.


    Your questions answered

    Who can use Brickflow?

    Brickflow is a Broker product. Developers have access to a free version that allows them to model their projects and understand what finance could be available. But they cannot see lender names and they cannot apply for finance without a Broker.

    Can Brickflow provide leads?

    This is something we’re working on for 2023. Property developers can use Brickflow on a no lender names basis, but can’t apply for a loan without a Broker. Therefore, we want to connect them with Brokers in their local area that understand the commercial property space. Brickflow will charge a fee for providing the lead (most likely a fixed fee).

    This will take time to get right and we will reach out to existing Brickflow members to get their thoughts and feedback on the project as it develops.

    Can Brickflow access my client data?

    Brickflow will not sell your clients data to third parties. It is a platform designed to help Brokers source & apply for loans, as well as manage their client's cases.

    If you have a technical problem with the system and you need us to investigate, our tech team will need your permission to access the case. This is the only time in which anyone from Brickflow will access your cases.

    In terms of security, Brickfow is hosted by Amazon Web Services. According to AWS is the biggest cloud infrastructure provider globally. Their clients include Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, BBC and The CIA.

    How does the white-label service work?

    When a Broker company becomes a Brickflow member they will be asked to add their company logo. The logo will then be displayed every time you or one of your clients login to Brickflow.

    How can I promote the fact I use Brickflow to my clients?

    Similar to providing leads, Brickflow is working on marketing materials that can be white-labelled and used by brokers to promote 'their new software'.

    This will be a collection of emails, videos and educational guides that can be shared with your clients.

    We're currently working on a How it Works video (again white-label) that you can embed in your website.

    Do I register as a company or an individual?

    We don’t mind. We’re happy to pay either. Just choose which when you register.

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