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Live rates from 100+ commercial property finance lenders

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How Brickflow works

The most efficient journey to specialist property finance

We understand your frustrations when it comes to securing commercial property funding.  That’s why we created Brickflow; a marketplace where you can model deals, source and apply for specialist property finance, all in one place. 

We provide instant access to 100+ lenders and the most streamlined way to secure a Decision In Principle; our record stands at 7 minutes.  Unheard of in our industry, right?  

Not anymore.

Types of specialist property finance

Instant access to the breadth of the lending market

Bridging loans

From £26k-£50m






Development exit


Commercial mortgages

From £50k-£50m




Light industrial

Care homes



Development finance

From £150k-£300m


New builds


Permitted development




Why choose Brickflow

The CRE finance market has evolved -  don't get left behind

Model deals

Check viability before pursuing a project


Increase certainty on every deal


Check your project meets lender criteria

Save time

Search the breadth of the market in minutes


Receive instant search results & a same-day DIP


Digitally connect with lenders, so there’s zero paperwork or delay

Save money

Find the best value loan 


View ROCE against every lender on every deal


Get more deals done with quicker, easier borrowing

Scale sooner

Free up time by completing on more deals


Spend time saved growing your revenue


Scale your business faster

Our partners

Trusted by the property industry’s most respected names

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Who can choose Brickflow

Connecting the dots for the commercial property finance market


Search & apply for specialist property finance


Embed Brickflow Enterprise & expand your reach



Model deals to ensure your deal stacks


Check lender criteria & apply through a lending manager



Increase deal certainty & conversion


Reduce time-wasters & capture serious buyers




Hear what borrowers, brokers & lenders have to say

Concept Group

Areeb Azam

"The benefit of Brickflow is instant information in a snapshot. You can see what various lenders are going to offer you, meaning you can move more quickly on deals and put an offer in."


Julian Ingall

"This is incredibly useful technology. Twelve months ago, we knew what lenders' pricing and appetite was - but today, in an ever changing market place, it's incredibly difficult to keep up."


Bob Rowbotham

“A comprehensive and clear information pack from Brickflow allowing for a full understanding of the proposition, allowing me to asses and provide robust Indicative Terms for the Client."

Recognised by the media

Find our why we’re making headlines

Sky News

Solving the UK's Housing Shortage


Financial Times Adviser

Govt's 'scattergun' housing policies have caused a crisis

Bridging & Commercial

Brickflow conducts 1,857 bridging loan searches in Q1 2024

Award-winning technology

NACFB's Tech Innovation of The Year

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