Concept Group Borrower Story

Concept Group

See how Brickflow's software helped Areeb secure multiple development finance loan offers, a lower deposit, and our quickest ever credit approval rating in 4.5 hours.

Concept Group

The Client

Concept Group is a main contractor and developer, building throughout London and the Home Counties.




The Challenge

As an experienced contractor and developer, most lenders would be keen to lend to Concept. However, like many developers, Concept fell into the trap of working with the same lender each time. 

While there’s nothing wrong with this, hefty deposit requirements limited the Group to one personal project at a time.

Concept owner Areeb Azam wanted to do more, at a faster pace, and the only way to achieve this was to stretch his equity.

“Having seen the Brickflow platform and spoken to the team, I’m really impressed with what they’re doing. I can now look at multiple sites and larger projects and structure deals in a better way. Once you put your details into Brickflow, it stores the information and lenders can see what experience you’ve got and give you their decision more quickly.

The benefit of Brickflow is instant information in a snapshot. You can see what various lenders are going to offer you, meaning you can move more quickly on deals and put an offer in.”


Our Approach

Areeb had an ‘in principle’ offer from his existing lender, which while competitively priced, required a deposit of £670k. After using Brickflow's loan comparison, Areeb could very quickly see from the results page (with loan estimates ranked by price and size) that he was being asked to commit too much equity to his project.

After building his Project Appraisal on Brickflow, his experience as a quality developer and contractor, prompted multiple lenders to make a bid.


The Results

The interest rate on the winning bid was 0.25% lower than Areeb’s current offer, but more importantly, the deposit required dropped from £670k to £431k. This case also holds the record for the quickest credit approval – 4.5 hours. And within 36 hours, the lender’s valuer and QS were on site completing their reports.

This experience opened Areeb’s eyes to the fact that not only could he secure smaller deposits for each scheme and run multiple sites at the same time, but he could transact much faster using Brickflow and a broker who's licensed our incredible tech. With an established reputation and experience, he can push harder in negotiations too.

Areeb is now looking to finance his third scheme through Brickflow.

Areeb Azam - Concept


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