We get it. Development finance is complex, even for experienced developers.

So, we’ve created Brickflow Guides, Brickflow Answers, and Brickflow Webinars to help unblur the lines and explain the process in words you won’t need to google.

Download a jargon-free e-book, watch a short video or enjoy a more comprehensive webinar, each designed to answer your development finance FAQs.

If there’s anything you’d like us to add or explain in more detail, we’d love you to let us know

Brickflow Guides

We ditch the industry-speak to unravel the peskier parts of the borrowing process, along with some of the trickier development finance terms, in our series of easy-to-read guides.


The Easy Guide to Development Finance

We’ve pooled our hive of experienced minds to create the ultimate Easy Guide to Development Finance.  Our exclusive e-book contains all the advice, expertise and insider knowledge you need to maximise profit on every deal, and be more successful, sooner.

Brickflow Answers

You asked, so we’re here to tell.  Watch our series of short videos (all under 3 minutes), answering the development finance questions we get asked the most.

What is Sweat Equity?

What is a Personal Guarantee?

How to Source a Good Architect? 

How to gain Development Experience

What is the Capital Stack? 

Brickflow Webinars

We get together with thought leaders from across the industry to discuss the hot topics in property finance and share practical advice for borrowing smarter.

Brickflow and Nimbus

How to Maximise Equity in Today’s Lending Climate

We were invited by leading proptech business Nimbus Maps to discuss the common strategies employed by the most successful property developers.

In the webinar, we talk:

  • The make-up of the development finance market; understanding the key players and the rise of the non-banks
  • How to stretch your equity further, maximise your profits and double your return on the time and capital you invest
  • How to present a project to get the funding you deserve. Only 1 in 25 lending enquiries turns into a loan; learn how to become the winning one

Have you heard our Podcast? Brick by Brick…

Brick by Brick Podcast

Plug in and listen up to our new podcast for the property development industry.  In each episode we speak to experts and stakeholders from across the sector, sharing ideas and advice on how to get ahead of the game.