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2021 – a great year to be a property developer

Although 2021 has begun pretty much like 2020 ended, if you’re a property entrepreneur there are a number of reasons to be positive. We take a look at some of the key trends we think will shape the property industry over the next 12 months and beyond.

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Former Paragon Bank Development Finance Director joins Brickflow

Tim Noble, former Director of Paragon Bank Development Finance and Vice President at Bank Leumi, has joined Brickflow as a Non-Executive Director.

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Why data is no longer a dirty word in property development

Not so long ago, just mentioning the word “data” would have made many property developers zone out. But with the arrival of new and better technology that can configure data into a comprehensible and usable format, more people are realising its power to knock down barriers to property development and investment.

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How to get your development finance application over the line

Many borrowers fall at the application stage when trying to obtain development finance. While there’s no denying it’s a complex process and it’s likely to get even more challenging as the ripples of Covid-19 continue to be felt across the property sector, there are still great opportunities to be had for the well-prepared and savvy borrower.

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Brickflow officially launches

Brickflow, the UK’s first online search engine for development finance loans, announces its official launch to the market.

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What a lender really looks for in a development finance deal

With the challenger bank and alternative lender sector continuing to gather pace, it’s essential for property developers to get to grips with exactly what the lenders are looking for in a funding application, and a potential borrower.
Callum Ferguson and Matthew Tucker from Alpha Property Lending, a leading non-bank lender, to give us their all-important view.

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Meet the Founders: Why Brickflow was a necessity, not a nice-to-have

In an interview with co-founders Ian Humphreys and Robert Lange, they explain why it was high time to bring the development finance market online, and why ultimately it will make property developers more successful.

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The Development Finance Paradox: Why cheap development finance is a false economy

Unlike regular mortgages or personal loans, when it comes to property finance the cheapest is rarely the best. Many property developers fall into the trap of focussing all their efforts on finding the lowest interest rate and overall debt cost.

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Covid-19: 5 practical tips for Property Developers to survive and thrive (part 2)

As a continuation from our previous blog, we share three more practical ways to strengthen your prospects going forward. Our ideas on how property developers can emerge from the crisis on top.

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Covid-19: 5 practical tips for Property Developers to survive and thrive (part 1)

We’ve come up with five ways to use your time productively, enabling you to not only survive these turbulent times, but to get ahead of the game.

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Five development finance pitfalls to avoid

With smart decision-making at the core of property development, there are few more important ones to make than choosing the right development loan. But, there are some common mistakes that even the most experienced developers can make. Here are our top five pitfalls to avoid when it comes to securing development finance.

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Developer Experience vs The Site - what's more important?

At first glance, the answer to this question might appear very easy. The site is, of course, the most important. Isn’t it?

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How to become a (really good) property developer

So, what are the essential skills you need to become a property developer, and how can you convince a lender you’ve got the right experience to make a development scheme a success? Here’s what we think.

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