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Borrower Tips

What is a bridging loan?

Anyone exploring property development or investment will find various financing options, most likely including bridging loans.  So, what is a bridging loan, how do they work, what types of bridging finance are available and how do you apply?

Borrower Tips

What is property development?

Most people have seen hoardings advertising development land for sale, or disused buildings one day swarmed with scaffolding, high-vis jackets and hard-hats, but exactly what is property development?

Borrower Tips

What is development finance?

Anyone involved in property development has, at some point on their journey, asked what is development finance?  So, here’s a straightforward guide on development finance, how it works and how to apply.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights (October 2022)

Welcome to October's Industry Insights, our monthly round up of the conversations we’re having with commercial finance brokers, property entrepreneurs, agents and lenders. This month we look at interest rates, bridging finance and the commercial mortgage market.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights (September 2022)

Brickflow’s Industry Insights is a monthly round up of the common trends and conversations we’re having with property developers, brokers and lenders. With 42 lenders now on our platform, we’re speaking to them daily, which gives us exclusive insight into current market sentiment.

Market Watch

How do changing interest rates affect my development finance?

Interest rates have recently increased again and are forecast to rise further.

Rising rates means increased costs for borrowers, but what do rising interest rates mean for development finance and the cost of property loans?

Industry Insights

Industry Insights (August 2022)

This month we’re trying to make sense of the headlines on the economy for property developers as well as answer the questions that all developers are asking (no prizes for guessing that ‘fixed rates’ is the number 1 topic!).

Market Watch

Have build costs peaked?

Property developers and contractors have been faced with rising build costs for the best part of two years. Find out why they increased, whether or not they’ve peaked and what this means for you.

Market Watch

What is nutrient neutrality?

Do you know about nutrient neutrality? It’s stalling the building of 120,000 new UK homes. Find out more about this growing issue and how it might affect you.


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